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Penguin biscuits and prawn cocktail crisps

From Manchester to Liverpool


We had rather a restless night's sleep last night - partly because of blocked noses preventing the usual approach to breathing, and partly because it was so hot. Heat was not a problem I had anticipated from Manchester, but the hotel's heating system seemed to go on overdrive and the cooling option was entirely dysfunctional. No windows could be opened, so poor Simon took it upon himself to get up and wedge the door open to let some cool air in at several intervals during the night. Not entirely the relaxing sleep we had anticipated... And I really do think I am allergic to flying. I have developed a magnificent case of cankles, as well as pioneering the world's first case of thees - where you don't really have knees, it's just a continuation of your thighs. Blobtastic.
Found a cafe with free wireless for breakfast - breakfast was good, wireless was dysfunctional, boo.
Wandered the streets of Manchester in the rain, and eventually discovered the amazement of Primark where I nearly bought a red jacket (surprised at the colour choice?) but then didn't... Would've been too itchy methinks. Also braved it and tried prawn cocktail crisps from M&S - which didn't taste as fishy as I thought they would. Or maybe they did - and I just couldn't taste it on account of my still-blocked nose. Gumboots are quite acceptable (and somewhat fashionable) footwear here, and I'm starting to wish I had a pair. The streets are also littered with discarded, broken umbrellas, and no I don't want to hear about all the sunshine you've been having back home, thank you very much!
Got to Avis to pick up our car as had been pre-arranged, only to discover they'd hired it to someone else because we hadn't turned up right on time. Grr. Luckily they had another car available, but only a two-door instead of the four-door that we'd paid for... Serves us right for being late I suppose. The next challenge is getting back to the hotel where we had left our suitcases. Try doing this in the rain, in an unfamiliar car in an unfamiliar city and with a map where the target destination is right on the edge. Oh and don't forget that half of the intersections have "no left turn" if you want to turn left, and "no right turn" if it would be super convenient to turn right. Massive kudos to Simon's driving skills, we found it eventually - except that the ticket we needed to collect our baggage was no longer in Simon's back pocket where it belonged. After some extremely detailed descriptions, we were reunited with said baggage - Huzzah!
So off we went to Liverpool - and the car trip seemed the perfect time to crack open the packet of penguins. They are England's answer to the Tim Tam, and they have great penguin themed jokes on the wrapper. For example : "what do you call a happy penguin?" "a peng-grin". brilliant!
Still raining in Liverpool, but found a hotel with free wi-fi that works - things are looking up! Got energetic and walked into town (about ten minutes, which is a considerable amount of exercise when you're on holidays) to check out the Beatles story museum at Albert Dock. Interesting, and very clean*. Had dinner, hoping the rain would stop by the time we were ready to walk back to the hotel. It didn't. It got heavier. And heavier. Ten minutes of walking was suddenly a very bad idea.
Oh well, we made it back to our hotel and appreciated the appropriate temperature of the room, while plotting tomorrow's adventures. And I was thinking we'd have a drink and a penguin biscuit for dessert, but Simon has fallen fast asleep, so I guess I'll wait another day for another fantastic penguin joke.
So in summary - weather is wet, noses are blocked, but we are having fun and all Liverpudlians sound like The Beatles (except for the Turkish guy who served us at dinner). Next on the agenda - get to Wales, get a brolly and get healthy!!

  • this is a Beatles in-joke. Trust me, it's quite funny and a little bit clever.

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I don't care if it is raining, I'm sick, sick, sick with jealousy. How come everyone in the whole workd is away travelling except us?

I have been to Liverpool just once. My only memory is that it was freezing, rainy, rainy, rainy, and the cloud was so low you tripped over it. The only thing I remember clearly is standing under a portico at the Town Hall ankle-deep in a soup of rain and pigeon shit.

I would like to go back to the see the Beatles museum, which didn't exist in those days. And, no, you do not need to mention how old that makes me ........

by Phil

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