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Um, ketchup please?


Well I suppose this holiday couldn't be 100% perfect, could it? Poor Simon spent the morning dividing his time evenly between the bed and the toilet... Bleurgh. Not a great feeling at the best of times - but I think he would've much preferred to be on the road to Dublin! Managed to get an extra night in our Galway hotel, so he can convalesce for 24 hours and then hopefully he'll be humanoid again tomorrow.
I went to the nearest shopping centre for supplies for the invalid - Dunnes store is the most confusing store I've ever had the privilege of visiting. Eventually made it out and back to my poor patient. He gradually started to look a wee bit better, and seemed to be spending more time in the bed than on the toilet. He fell asleep, so I left him to it and went for a little wander. Checked out the shops nearby - found Penneys, the Irish version of Primark. Change rooms were a bit different to what I expected - just two cubicles, and then a big communal changing area. Hmm.
Walked straight past a shop that said "deposits accepted" - sounded like a store that wouldn't quite be within my price range. Although now that I think about it, it's probably just a posher way of saying "lay by available". Still...
Needed some food, and it seemed that food of the fast variety was the only option available. Supermac's seemed like a good choice - they sponsor a hurling team, and they are 100% Irish. So far so good. I approached the counter, to be faced with a young man called Krisztian. Here is how it went:
A: "hi, can I have a chicken wrap please?"
K: "sure,whatsaucewouldyoulikeonyourwrap?"
(what sauce? Looked quickly around for a list of available sauces... Can't see one.)
A: "umm, what types of sauce are there?"
K: *looks confused that someone wouldn't know about the sauces* "well there's asdklfjnasdkfjn, sweet chilli, ddiifnf, sdlkdee, sdfndf, oefhsm or ketchup."
(Just to clarify, Krisztian's accent is NOT Irish, but it is very fast. He looks like he's going to roll his eyes in frustration if I ask him to repeat, so I do what any self-respecting Australian would do in this situation and ask for sauce. On my chicken wrap).
A: "just a little bit of ketchup please."
Somehow I think that was the wrong answer from the look he gives me, but oh well, I've now ordered my first fast food meal in Ireland. Phew! You get to add your own salt to the chips, and all in all, it's not too bad.
After that trauma, it's back to Mr Buccheri - who is slightly more awake and a slightly more normal colour. We celebrate his improving health by watching Pointless, a very silly gameshow.
I went down to get some dinner - but dining alone just isn't as much fun. Highlight of the night is having someone say "could I be ever so bold as to take that serviette?". I *think* he might have been English... Bit of reading and sudoku-ing, and hopefully Simon will be fast asleep and feeling better by the time I get back to the room.

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